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"My journey through motherhood has literally taken me from the height of joy to the depths of despair, and pretty much everywhere in between.  I knew motherhood would be joyful, but I had no idea how sorrowful it would be as well."  ~Christine Alfaro

In 1989, as a newly married twenty-one-year-old, Christine couldn't wait to be a mother. Just ten months after their wedding, she and her husband, Chris, were blessed with the birth of their first child. The love Christine felt for her newborn son was more amazing than anything she had ever imagined. However, what she didn't realize at the time, and actually had never even considered was what incredible, intense pain could come with such an all consuming love.

"How much must I bear? How long, God, will you continue to tear apart my heart and stomp on my joy?"  ~Christine Alfaro

Over the years, Christine and her husband were blessed with eleven children. However, after burying three of their children, Christine felt as though she, herself, was dying inside. She was broken and struggled to feel God's love, or even anything at all.

"It is suffering, more than anything else, which clears the way for the grace which transforms human souls."   ~Pope St. John Paul II

It was through Christine's fourth encounter with death that God transformed her. God led her on a journey from brokenness and despair to a place of unbelievable peace and deep joy. She describes the peace she experienced using Philippians 4:7, "...the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding." It was a miraculous journey of not only accepting God's will for her life, but seeking it out, embracing it, and actually desiring it above all else. It ultimately led Christine to a place of total surrender.

"To do Your will, O my God, is my delight..."  ~Psalm 40:9

In 2016, fifteen years after losing her fourth child, Christine wrote a book about her spiritual journey through the births and deaths of her children. She knew her experiences were meant to be shared. Through her writing, God was indeed preparing her to trust Him completely on the new journey she was about to take. Just weeks after finishing her first draft, the words she had written in her book about surrendering completely to God in all circumstances, were put to the test.

"As we prayed for God to save our son's life, God was actually saving his soul."  ~Christopher Alfaro

On the night of February 13, 2017, Christine and her husband rushed to the hospital following police escort after being told their twenty-one-year-old son, Seth, had fallen twenty-five feet from a roof. Upon arrival, they were told their son had sustained a serious brain injury, was on a ventilator and in an induced coma, fighting for his life. Once again, they had to place another one of their children in God's hands and trust His will for their son's life.

"You're wounded no more."  ~God to Seth

Through social media, prayer warriors from around the world rose up, begging God for a miracle for Seth. Based on his MRI, doctors said Seth should be dead or severely brain damaged. But against all odds, Seth had a completely miraculous recovery. However, that wasn't all. When Seth woke up, it quickly became evident that he had experienced a Spiritual miracle as well. While his body lay lifeless hooked to machines in the hospital, his spirit was in the presence of God.

In December of 2017, Christine was asked to share her story and journey through motherhood at her parish's Advent by Candlelight event. It was well received by over two hundred people. Since that time she has continued to speak, sharing her miraculous journey through grief and tragedy, at various Church events in multiple states.

"Tell God's glory among the nations; among all peoples, God's marvelous deeds."  ~Psalm 96:3

Christine is currently working on a second book about her son, Seth's tragic accident and miraculous recovery. She is also devoted to full time ministry, speaking and sharing her story of surrender and healing through suffering.

Life is hard and full of suffering of one kind or another. For Christine, it was through the suffering that God was able to mold her and draw her into a deeper relationship with Him, ultimately setting her free and making her whole. She believes that God desires that for each of us - to set us free and draw us to Himself.

"I hope that sharing my story will help lead others to the freedom and peace that comes through total surrender to God's will, no matter what life's circumstances may be."  ~Christine Alfaro