Single Events
Christine’s presentation sharing her story is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.* This can be followed by questions and answers if desired. The presentation can also be followed by Adoration or social time to make a nice event lasting a couple of hours. This works out very well, especially for stand alone evening events.

The presentation of Christine’s story can also be divided into 2 or 3 parts if desired. This works well for a morning or afternoon half day event or mini retreat. For the 2 part option, the first presentation would be approximately 25 minutes, and the second would be longer, about 50 minutes. For the 3 part option, the first presentation would be about 25 minutes, the second about 20 minutes, and the third about 30 minutes.

The charge for any of the 3 options above is $350.**

One or Two Day Retreats
If you would like to do a full day or weekend long retreat, the initial talk(s), depending on your preference, would be the presentation of Christine’s personal story. After hearing her story, many other topics within it can be addressed in more depth throughout the day or weekend. You can choose from the list of additional talk topics below. You may choose as many as you would like based on the length and focus of your retreat. The length of the additional talks can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular event schedule. Each additional talk is $300.

Parish Missions
For a parish mission, Christine can present 2 or 3 nights. She would share her story the first night (or it can be spread over 2 or 3 nights if you prefer to split it up), and then you could choose additional topics for the remaining nights. Pricing would be $350 for the first night and $300 each for the second and third nights, even if the initial story presentation is split up. This is due to the time commitment involved over 3 nights.

Additional Talk Topics  
~ Forgiveness and Letting Go ~
~ Personal Relationship with the Lord ~
~ The Power of Prayer and the Body of Christ ~
~ Grief and/or Childhood Grief ~
~ Communicating with your Children, Teens, and Young Adults ~

Additional Speakers
For additional speakers, Christine’s husband and/or son could also speak, sharing their personal experiences and faith journey through the tragedy and suffering. If desired, they could be part of a retreat, parish mission, or single evening event. The charge is $300 for each additional speaker.

Seth also has a gift sharing with youth. If desired, you could plan an extra time after his talk, where he could have some fun with the youth (middle school through college age), sharing his music and music videos with them, while also candidly sharing his faith. This would be an additional $200.

Travel Expenses
Christine also asks for travel expenses ($0.25/mile) to be covered if your event is more than an hour away from Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as overnight accommodations if necessary. If this is difficult for your group to provide, she accepts freewill offerings to be taken up during the event in order to help offset any travel expenses incurred.

Initially, some groups have expressed concern about Christine’s story presentation being too long to keep people engaged, but after hearing her speak, they felt differently. Please be assured that it is a relatable, emotional, and challenging story which is very engaging. All the feedback received is that it didn’t feel long at all, that the time flew by and audiences could have easily listened even longer.

** Regarding fees, if you are interested in hosting an event but money is an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact Christine personally, so that other arrangements can be made. This is a message she strongly believes God wants her to share and, if at all possible, does not want money to stand in the way.