Andee Vosters

"If you’re looking for a forgettable speaker. Move on. But if unforgettable is what you’re looking for, look no further than Christine. Christine has quite a unique story to tell—quite a unique life she’s lived—yet she is as relatable as they come. She achieves this by enveloping us in the moments where most of us would call God into question, and we live out those moments alongside Christine. And we see her choose God—over and over and over again. We feel that struggle, that pain, that bond, that peace, that hope. In the midst of the moments where deep despair could be the story she tells—instead, we feel wrapped in the arms of God himself, cradled by His tender love. We, too, become that powerful woman when we hear Christine’s story. She has a humbleness about her that silences the minds of every person that occupies a chair in her presence. You can’t help but be drawn in the second she opens her mouth to speak, nor can you resist rising to your feet in a swell of emotions when she speaks her last word."

Joan VanGrinsven

"I heard Christine speak a few years ago, but I remember her message to this day. It was a message of HOPE! She struggled through some very dark times. I continue to struggle with a grandson who remains in a very dark space. Although our ‘darkness’ experiences are very different, the ultimate message is not. We must hang on to HOPE. Our God is a God of hope! We are called to trust that…to trust HIM …No matter what. There is nothing too dark, too difficult, or too hopeless for him. Christine’s message is powerful!"

Amy Vanden Boom

"‘Game changer,’ Christine’s story was for me! God has surely brought beauty and goodness out of ashes as per Christine’s story. I cannot tell you how many times I have repeated her story in evangelizing! Heaven is for real! God’s promises are true! God gives and takes away … but LIFE remains and is RENEWED in Him alone! I heard Christine speak at Women Celebrate, a women’s Catholic conference in Wisconsin, and highly recommend! Amen!"